GP and Doctor Appointments Online in Perth

Northbridge Medical Centre is a Perth based clinic that specializes in early screening and treatment of skin cancer. It has been designed and equipped to conduct thorough skin check by using modern techniques. Our highly trained doctors and staff are committed to detect & treat skin cancer in early stage of development.

Call (08) 9228 8339 and Book your Online appointment with Northbridge Medical Centre Perth, Australia.

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Get Your New Mole Checked from Perth Doctors

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Moles generally appear till 20 years of age. Anything that resembles like a mole after that could be skin cancer. At Northbridge Medical Centre in Perth, the team of experienced doctors helps local residents and working professionals indentify the fatal disease at early stages.

The medical facility uses modern technology to digitally inspect new moles and lesions. During skin checkup, experienced doctors at Northbridge Medical Centre perform a thorough skin check using high resolution imaging equipment. Dermoscopy is also used to examine the lower layer of the skin.


Early screening is important to remove cancerous cells without major surgery and disfigurement. Learn more about skin cancer and its treatment from experienced doctors.

Cancer screening – Essential for Australian residents

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Australians also have twice the skin-cancer risk in comparison to people living in Canada, US, and UK. Northbridge Medical Centre in Perth started offering the cancer screening service looking at similar shocking facts.

Protect your loved ones from skin cancer by scheduling a screening with local specialists in Perth. Get in touch to fix an appointment with Northbridge Medical Centre.

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Perth Doctors Tell Best Practices To Prevent Skin Cancer

Doctors of Perth suggest taking few compulsory actions to prevent skin cancer in Australia as it has considerably higher rate of skin cancers. Protecting yourself from sun is the first safety measure according to Northbridge Medical’s dermatologists. The risk of developing skin cancer increases with harmful UV rays that you come in contact with. Since it is unavoidable to disconnect with sun completely, you can follow few tips that doctors advise to prevent skin cancer.

Actions Required for Skin Cancer Prevention

•  The first and most important action is to apply sunscreen whenever you step out of your home. This is one advice that is given unanimously by all skin cancer specialists. Sunscreen contributes hugely to protect your skin on outdoors so you must apply it every 2-3 hours. Do it even more frequently if you are swimming or have extremely fair complexion. Those who sweat a lot also need to apply it repeatedly while roaming under sun.

prevent skin cancer`

• Never forget that tanning is one of the most common reasons of increasing skin cancers. So do not expose yourself much to sun. And, if you ever feel suspicious about a mole or any other changes in your skin, then consult with your doctor immediately.

•  Those who either have fair skin tone or live near high altitude locations are more prone to skin cancer risks, as shared by doctors of NorthBridge Medical Centre in Perth. So, they are most vulnerable to risk conditions. They need to take regular skin checks as that’s the best way to avoid skin related problems especially a condition as deadly as cancer.

Skin cancer has best chances to get recovered as soon as it is detected. The stage of detection matters considerably in controlling it and helps intercepting tumor development. Do not ignore regular checks due to lack of time or high prices screenings. Look for a health Centre like Northbridge Medical that is open all seven days and offers affordable skin cancer test. It also offers online appointments so you do not have to wait for your turn.

• It was considered earlier that skin cancer patients are usually older as you rarely get this condition in young age but recent statistics have proven it wrong. Latest reports and facts suggest that Melanoma is seen more in women who are in their 20s or 30s.

The best remedy to avoid skin cancer is getting regularly checked by dermatologists as they can start your treatment right after detection and control it at initial stages. For more information on screen cancer and its treatment visit this page.

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Northbridge Medical Centre – Experienced Doctors for Perth Community

Northbridge Medical Centre brings vast range of medical services to cater needs of Perth’s local community, businesses and inner city workers. The modern medical centre has an experienced team of doctors for general practice, skin cancer screening, and occupational health related services. To help patients save valuable time, NBMC also offer online booking, multiple consulting rooms, pharmacy, and various other provisions. Visit to learn more about the most modern medical centre in Perth, Australia. page-banner-5

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Consult Perth Doctors for Personal & Occupational Health Services

Every community needs an experienced team of medical practitioners for emergencies & medical assistance. In Perth, North Bridge Medical Centre plays this role. The experienced team of Perth doctors caters local community, businesses and inner city workers with vast range of medical services.


Some of the most important medical services offered at North Bridge Medical Centre are as follows:

General practice

The modern medical centre helps locales and city workers with various health problems covering acute and chronic diseases. NBMC team focuses on providing affordable medical services in Perth and reducing waiting time for patients.

Skin cancer screening

Considering Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, North Bridge Medical Centre has the provision of skin cancer screening. It uses modern equipments and techniques to inspect lesions and detect cancer in early stage.

Travel advice and vaccinations 

To people who frequently travel overseas, Perth based medical centre offers vaccinations and travel advice, ensuring safe journey & stay. NBMC provides vaccinations for various medical conditions like mumps, polio, chicken pox, and measles

Occupational health

For businesses and companies that want to ensure fitness of candidates before joining, the team of Perth doctors offers pre-employment, drug screening, insurance and specialized medical assessment.

North Bridge Medical Centre also simplifies appointment bookings with its online booking facility. The experienced team of Perth doctors is truly changing the way healthcare services are delivered in Perth, Australia. Get in touch for more queries.

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Book for Cancer Screening Online with Medical Centre in Perth


Are you looking for Medical Centre in Perth for skin cancer screening? NorthBidge now brings you the most affordable & convenient way to get tested for the presence of cancerous cell in your body.

Cancer Cured, If detected Early Can be

Skin cancer is majorly caused due to excessive exposure to UV rays of Sun but you may not know its presence until it becomes visible. So a formal check is required to detect it at early stages. We lose thousands of people every year due this cancer because most of us ignore the tests due to the busy lifestyle or tiring process of screening.


Northbridge has come with its easy to book service for skin cancer screening & made it easy for local community, businesses and inner city workers to detect the disease at initial stages. Its Medical Centre in Perth offers the following:

  • Online booking system
  • 7 days a week Services
  • Affordable Screening
  • Free on-site parking
  • Public Transport on the doorstep

Northbridge Medical Centre is doing its best to eradicate skin cancer by offering unique & modern medical Centre experience. It uses latest technology & has best skin cancer physicians to treat patients who are diagnosed with cancerous cells.

Skin cancer is one of the biggest fears that Australia is fighting with today as it has higher cancer rates than Canada, the US and the UK. So don’t delay and get in touch with us using (08) 9228 8339 or book your appointment online to take your first step towards cancer free life.

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